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BidNip Member Testimonials
There's a reason BidNip was voted the number one auction sniper service: our customers.
Our primary focus is you, our customer. To demonstrate to you how our members feel about our sniping service and customer support we've put just a sample of the emails we receive. We do our best to make sure you win auctions for less AND that you have fun doing it. We love our members, and they love us!

Mary L. Sign Up Today!
Thanks so much for your terrific site!

I checked out quite a few of your competitors and you are the best! Easy to sign up,easy to use!

I am very happy to finally win the majority of the auctions I bid on!! Hurray!!

Mary L.

J. Oliver Sign Up Today!

Instead of competing in a bidding war and driving the final price of an iPod up, I simply joined BidNip and let them place my bidwith 5 seconds left! I couldn't believe how cheap I got a brand new iPod!

Anything that I am even half serious about bidding on, will be sniped using BidNip from now on!

Paula F. Sign Up Today!
My Ode to BidNip

If you want to win an auction
There's a wonderful concoction:
It's a program that's called BidNip
Sniping website auction hot tip
Every time you bid on eBay
The winnings will go your way!

(by Paula F., BidNip Member)

Dawna A.  Sign Up Today!
I recently tried out Bidnip for the first time. I absolutely LOVE the layout of the Bidnip system where you purchase individual "snipes" rather than what other companies do ("monthly" user fees).

When I had some issues recently in using the Bidnip system for the first few times, their customer support was very quick in responding to my concerns as well as making an effort to ensure that I remained a customer. Their superb customer support proved to me that this was a company to stick with, as they care for their customer's happiness and are willing to listen to all their concerns.

From newbies to sniping pros, I highly recommend Bidnip to all.

Russ J.  Sign Up Today!
I would like to thank you for the terrific support. Very impressive. Very impressive customer service.

Kathleen F.  Sign Up Today!
Hi: I just want to tell you how excited I am to have found this site.

I have bid too much on items because I am at work and can't bid at the last second. I have also lost items 80 percent of the time if I bid ahead.

Thank you so much for providing this service. This is fantastic!!!

Stu B.  Sign Up Today!
Well thank you Bidnip. How on earth could any bidder go anywhere else with service like yours.

I've used sniping programs in the past and I must say Bidnip is the quickest and easiest way. I was a bit dubious about another Snipe company coming on the scene but HEY!! the new kid on the block has done it's homework and leaves the rest in the dust.

Well done and thanks again,

Kindest regards Stu B.

Robert G.  Sign Up Today!
I placed a bidnip on a rear wing for a Ferrari 1984 126 C4, I got it for $200! What more can I say!!! I love BidNip!!!

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